Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds

More people are choosing to enclose their verandah/pergola areas with outdoor blinds. This creates an indoor/outdoor living space they can enjoy all year round . Our blinds block up to 99% of rain, wind and up to 99% of UV-R. making them perfect for all seasons. Our outdoor blinds are adjustable to be open as much or as little as you like. This gives you control of how much light or breeze you would like to let in.

Wind resistant tracks

The fabric is held securely in the tracks on both sides of the curtain. This prevents excessive fabric movement and flapping around like some other outdoor blinds.

Heavy duty components

The heavy duty bottom bar is made from resistant aluminium and internal components are supplied in aluminium and stainless steel. The top axle is also aluminium making these outdoor blinds ideal for coastal environments.

Attractive design

The unique edge spline and bottom bar are concealed within the tracks. This provides extra strength in the design but also avoids the introduction of other colours or visible cheap looking plastic components.

The centrally-located locking mechanism makes our outdoor blinds easy to use. Customers can raise, lower and lock blinds into position with ease.

There is also a range of motorisation and controls available.

Solar Powered

The E-solarPRO is a sleek module which collects energy from the sun through the solar panel and stores it in the battery located in one end of the module. Using the remote, the stored energy operates the 12 v motor with a press of a button. the E-solarPRO offers a standalone motorised system without a need for mains power.

240V Electric Motors

Hardwired 240v electric motors are available with a fixed wall switch or a remote. The remotes come in 1 channel or 5 channel, meaning you can operate up to five outdoor blinds with the one remote.

Color options