Roller Shutters

There are many factor’s to consider when choosing the right roller shutters for your needs and budget. At Shutters Plus we take the time to walk you through our available options, ensuring you get the right solution. You can count on Shutters Plus to help you find the best in functionality, durability and design for residential or commercial requirements. With Shutters Plus quality dose costs less. We believe in delivering the most cost-effective solutions for all requirements relating to your roller shutters. All our work is guaranteed.


Our roller shutters are lightweight yet extremely strong. The slats consisted of an aluminum outer and the center is filled with a polyurethane foam for added strength and installation.

inside slat

 Roller shutters have many features and benefits here are just a few

  • Security for your home or business
  • Insulating qualities, blocking out up to 90% heat in summer and keeping in up to 90% of the heat in winter
  • Bush fire and storm protection
  • Reduce noise and light control

There are an arrangement of options available to operate your roller shutters from

  • Manual controls
  • Battery operated 12 volt controls
  • Solar powered controls
  • Electrical controls.

Here are a few examples


roller shutter winder box and hadle

A manual control operated by turning the winch handle to open and close the roller shutter from inside your home. This control is suitable for smaller to the larger roller shutters.


strap box

A manual control operated by a pulley system to open and close the shutter from the inside of your home. This control is more suitable for smaller roller shutters.



A battery operated 12V system, operation at the touch of a button. This a cost effective alternative to the manual controls, it is a neater finish as you do not have exposed strap and boxes on your wall. Just a neat looking controller.


somfy motor

A 240v electrical control system where we use a Tubular motor in all our electric roller shutters. We have our own qualified Electrician who we will consult with for start to finish.